Playboy Magazine

Client: Editora Abril
Product: Playboy Magazine
Title: Hot
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): Neogama BBH, São Paulo, Brazil
Agency website:
Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Gama
Creative Director: Márcio Ribas and Wilson Mateos
Art Director: Pepê
Copywriter: Laura Esteves
Photographer: Thiago Souza
Digital Retouch: Eduardo Oliveira

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5 thoughts on “Playboy Magazine

    • No. Who wants to look at an adult woman looking like a 6yo girl down there. Only male pervs who fear women and aren’t man enough for a normal jungle.

  1. It’s NOT inspiring enough! But if there is no nude woman there, just a match, the ad will works better! Coz the perception of Playboy is already HOT.

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