Stella Artois Trap

Installation and advergame for Stella Artois.

The Beer Company has unveiled The Trap at the corner of Bloor & Avenue in Toronto. The complex installation is five meters high and weighs more than two tons. In the middle of The Trap, on a pedestal, sits a tempting chalice of Stella Artois.

It’s only in Toronto until October 25th. After that it’s on its way to other major cities including New York and San Paulo.

stella artois trap

Stella Artois Trap

Stella Artois Trap

Stella Artois Trap

Stella Artois Trap

The campaign also includes chalk-art drawings, print and an online component (a fun game), Le Defi, which encourages consumers to challenge one another to unravel a virtual trap.

coaster01.jpg coaster02.jpg coaster03.jpg open.jpg

Concept development: Patrick Shing and Ryan Spelliscy, Lowe Roche Toronto, Canada
Global team at the Stella Artois headquarters in Leuven, Belgium and in Canada
Designed by Lowe Roche and Jack Morton and engineered in conjunction with HBSource in London, UK

The design was influenced by the work of sculptors Jean Tinguely and Masato Tahana, as well as 1700’s clock engineer Thomas Wright.

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