Trees for Travel

Trees for Travel

Trees for Travel

“Compensating your CO2 emission can be much easier.”

The concept is based on the idea that people are willing to compensate their CO2 emission but don’t know what they can do. Each example shows an individual that has taken compensation slightly over the top. Trees for Travel tells them there is a more simple solution.

Advertising Agency: Stichting NoBEL, Amsterdan, The Netherlands
Concept: Kasper Dado, Thijs de Boer (
Coaching: Martijn van den Brakel, Erwin van Kralingen (Doom & Dickson), Jelani Isaacs (Comrad)

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One thought on “Trees for Travel

  1. it is a very nice project..because its all about on caring our mother earth and im glad that i am a worker in this project..very interesting i hope that someday the whole world know our effort to help our mother earth…

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