Trident “Vigorate”

Trident “Vigorate” is part of a campaign for the all-new Trident Vitality, which features an assortment of montages for each flavor on offer.

Director: Brett Foraker
Agency: JWT, New York
Agency Producer: Betsy Schoenfeld
Creatives: Tom Christmann, Matt McKay, Andrea Schneider, Colleen Harlan, Matt Anderson, Janice Kozlo, Christian Hughes, Lauren Hanin, Ryan Gardiner
Director of Photography: Simon Chaudoir
Production Company: RSA Films
Prod Co Producer: Marjie Abrahams
Editor: Gary Knight
VFX Company: Method
Sr. Executive Producer: Gabby Gourrier
Sr. Creative Director: Dan Glass
Executive Producer: Jay Lichtman
VFX Producer: Jennie Burnett, Tram Le
VFX Supervisor: Jason Schugardt
VFX Coordinator: Susan McNamara, Valerie Kenniston
On-set Supervisor: Andy Jones
CG Lead: Brian Burke
CG FX: Dan Letarte, Norris Houk
CG Animation: Ed Manning
Lead Flame Compositor: Johnny Hicks, Martin Lazaro
Flame Compositors: Tim Davies, Susanne Scharping, Chris Hunt, David Forcada
Flame OP: Pete Marin
Nuke Compositors: Eric Weinschenk, Samuel Jorgensen
Matte Painter: Olivier Pron
Modeling/Texture: Lersak Bunupuradah
Roto: Pam Gonzales, Patricio Fernandez,
Trackers: Michael Maker, Lauren Von Houtten

Method Studios

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