Unicef – Bad Water Kills

Unicef - Bad Water Kills

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Sweden
Art Directors: Johan Jäger, Max Larsson von Reybekiel
Copywriters: Magnus Andersson, Fredric Thunholm
Photographers: Henrik Halvarsson, Marina Kereklidou

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Unicef - Bad Water Kills, 4.6 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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3 thoughts on “Unicef – Bad Water Kills

  1. The picture illustrates two very important issues plaguing the middle east. The first issue is quite obvious. The water gun illustrates that water in the middle east is very unsanitary. It shows that the water in the middle east is causing the deaths of innocent people. The fact that the water is in a gun that the child has pointed at her head inducates that the people are essentialy killing themselves by drinking the water. It should also be noted that the water gun looks almost the same as a real one. The phototagrapher could be trying to convey the meaning of the water seaming harmless at first glance but infact being very dangerous.
    The second issue that the photographer is trying to point out, which is not obvious, is the issue of violence towards children in the region. The photographer”s main focus is the issues of child soldiers . In the case of child soldiers, the child will be trained in to thinking that war is just a game. This is illustrated by the fact that the watergun looks almost excactly like to a real 9mm handgun and the fact that it is a child holding it. Both issues are very important and something must be done to stop them.

  2. This photo is amazing in the way it illustrates the irony of the various dilemnas in the middle east. The lighting and expression of the model are excellent. While the use of solid colors give the photo a feeling of clear-cutness.

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