VolksWagen Commercial Vehicles

volkswagen commercial vehicles

volkswagen commercial vehicles

volkswagen commercial vehicles

Silver at Cannes 2007

Product/Service: VW CRAFTER
Entrant Company: DDB PARIS
Country: FRANCE
Advertising Agency: DDB PARIS
Country: FRANCE
Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Hervé/Sylvain Thirache
Copywriter: Edouard Pérarnaud
Art Director: Martin Darfeuille
Photographer: Garry Simpson
Account Supervisor: Julie Regis/Boris Langlois
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Hervé De Labriffe/Philippe Jourdain
Other Credits: Strategic planner : Martine Corbusie

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2 thoughts on “VolksWagen Commercial Vehicles

  1. I work online generally, but I appreciate well made print ads. I am a fan of the vdubs and I really enjoy this seriese of ads. I am especially drawn to the top one with the flower outfit. It getting harder to break the mold and this certainly does.

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