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53 thoughts on “Wonderbra

  1. What makes it a good ad for those who don’t know that skills behind it all, as the bra on the two page ad, get palled titer to pull together the ‘boob’s’ with the wounder bra, the pages bend up-wards which then from out 2D fount view,, it makes the body slimmer, which make the boobs look bigger. The job of the bra is pull the boobs together, which is what it does do, and this ad sell’s it all :)

  2. Women is the most beautiful creature god has made. Breasts are the most attractive part of the body. Wonder bra is the only thing which fits as per the need. A very good campaign over all. I am a film maker and Wonder Bra ads is the best example of Minimlisum. Like Robert Bresson.

  3. hi, anybody knows the scrolling display for wonderbra’s outdoor ad was done by which ad agency?

    need the answer urgently if possible..
    many many thanks!

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  5. Come idea grafica è geniale. Ma il wonderbra è uno specchietto per le allodole. Strizza due pere morte solo per far vedere il solco. Preferisco quelli naturali, di solchi. bye bye

  6. hi Sally im 76 years old and i wish mi breasts look like that! i hope you should use a wonderbra and see the results, and then complain because everyone thinks you are as boring as your breast size! smile girl, lifes too short!!!!!

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  9. i really dont see what the huge fuss is about this!!!! Its a damn advertisment! It is very clever but again ITS AN AD!! Come on people, surely there are more important things in the world then an add for wonderbra!!

  10. ::sigh:: Actually, as gimmicks go, quite a nice one. If they actually used a REAL person (and yes, I do consider supermodels outside of the human species) it wouldn’t be so sexy.

    And a note- I presume this thing isn’t exactly running in Sports Illustrated or anything horny teenage boys would be reading, so I think to you, my fellow feminist, that you should stop being such a GODDAMN TIGHTASS ABOUT AN AD.

  11. I’m a female and I see nothing wrong with the ad. It is quite clever. By the way, what heterosexual teenage boy *doesn’t* have a fascination with breasts?

  12. sorry.. sally? but this is an advert showing how the wonderbra actually works.. knowones gonna get stupid over paper like that. fine its your opinion on it being vulgar but at the endo of the day, its an advert in a book.

  13. You know, Sally, I don’t think it is a bad ad. It is tasteful, because the woman does not have enormous breats. May I guess that you are a feminist?

    I actually think whoever created this had a wonderful idea!

  14. Like I said before, this ad was created by a teenage boy who likes to play with breasts. Guess only boys are allowed to comment on the vulgar ad…

  15. Notice how the AD also make the girl look slimmer? That’s the real genious of the ad, in my opinion. The breasts actually look bigger, because theres less body. If they’d shown it on a real girl it wouldn’t look that good.

  16. I suspect this advert was created by a teenage boy as they seem to have a fascination with playing with women’s breasts. I find it vulgar and quite tasteless.

    How about Viagra include a pump for their ads and we can see a penis get an erection…

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