Agency, submit your campaign

This is the page where you can know how to submit your award winning campaigns, ads, news.

Please, before going forward, read some useful tips we prepared for you. Submission is easy, and consists of two steps.

1. Create your free Account

To submit a campaign, you need an account at adverbox. You can easily create one following the instructions at this page. It will take seconds.

You can use your Agency Name or Brand as a Username, and upload your logo as avatar: in this way you’ll be able to spread the word in the most transparent way.
Registration is necessary: it’s the way we can associate the ads you send us with your Agency.
Once you’ve got your account, you can use it for life, so please keep your username and password carefully.

2. Log In and Submit Ads!

You’ll be able to submit your ads at this page. There is a form to submit prints, and if you want to submit some videos and commercials, there’s a form for that, too.

You first submissions will be moderated: this is the unique way for us to get rid of unsolicited content and keep the best quality here at adverbox.
Please, note that after the 5th great submission received from you and published, we’ll stop moderate your stuff, so you’ll get instant access to the home pageof adverbox. Use it carefully.

Ready? Go submit your ads!

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