ASICS creates a thermochromic print ad that allows you to do your FootType test on it.

Thousands of runners don't use the proper running shoes for their foot type. A print ad created for ASICS by the Brazilian agency Neogama uses a simple technology to help runners identify the right shoes for them. Using a thermochromic ink that reacts to the body heat, the FOOT TYPE TEST AD is able to determine the foot type of a person by showing clearly their footprint. All is needed is to stand on the magazine, over the determined area, to find out if the foot type is supinator (when the shoes wear themselves out on the outer area of the sole), pronator (wear themselves out on the inner area of the sole) or neutral (when the sole wears itself out uniformly).

The ASICS' FOOT TYPE TEST AD can be seen on the cover of latest editions of the Runners and Women's Health magazines.